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Is this course worth the money and time investment?

As a hobbyist, to have paid so much for this course was a difficult decision. However, having completed the intro and beginners sections so far, I have to admit that I am excited and motivated to continue. Aryan's style and methodology resonates 100% with me. I am happy that I'm getting great value for every sent I spent. Thank you Aryan and team. You're the best.

Excellent value well worth the investment

I recognized the value in this training program and purchased it as soon as My finances allowed. Medical expenses in my family delayed my purchase until recently. I have several years of SW experience but learned SW by working around problems instead of doing it right the first time. Now I am correcting this and will secure the SW certifications

Best SolidWorks Class I've ever taken

I've used the software back on my college days and it was beyond helpful to follow the detail instructions from Aryan, he does a great job at putting together an easy and clear to follow learning path. This course is definitely a must have when it comes down to developing skills in Solidworks.

What a great deal

What a great deal, totally worth it. Thank you, Aryan your course has helped me learn Solidworks from basic to advanced. Well structured. I hope you will add some electrical videos, routing wires, and building wire harnesses. Thanks again and Merry Christmas my friend.

Highly recommended.

Excellent website, high quality material continuously updated. Quick response to questions. I highly recommend this program for all levels of SolidWorks users whether for certification prep or just improving your skill.

Brilliant course for complete beginners

Very well structured, taking a complete beginner from start through to professional level.Clear & concise.Highly recommended

Great course, highly recommended!

I've finished the beginners course and half way in the Intermediate one. I like the way the course is structured and the teaching style from Aryan.There are plenty of explanation of the reasoning behind each operation and the how to learn the software to maximize your working efficiency.Overall great course, highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn Solidworks or is transitioning from other CAD software.

This course worth every cent

Best decision ever, taking this course.Plenty of gifts included and the content is worthy.The support is excellent, they help to find and answer to your questions right away.I completely recommend it


I am through the beginner portion of the course now; and into the Intermediate level. I truly believe that this course is worth every cent. Aryan has done a marvelous job putting the lessons in an order that is easy to understand and that makes sense. There is also a community that is extremely helpful and Aryan will personally help you too if you need it.All I can say is WOW! Just like Aryan said in his pitch its night and day from the way I was learning Solidworks. In the first ten minutes of the classes I already felt it was money well spent! If you were on the fence like I was THIS IS YOUR SIGN just go for it. He has a money back guarantee while I wont use this, if for whatever reason you choose too your out nothing. I am personally mad with myself for putting off getting this program and struggling for over a month.

Best Solidworks Course Out there

Best Solidworks Course Out thereDon't waste your time on youtube or linkedin learning trying to learn solidworks. Yes this does cost more money but it will be more than worth it in time and frustration that you save trying to learn the complex beast that is solidworks. Not only do you get an in depth course which is well tailored for each level of student and shows how to take the proper approach according to a CSWP certified SolidWorks user, you also get access to guidance from this instructor and peers for LIFE, which is something you really cant find anywhere else.

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